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2023: We are consuming our planet. The turnaround is still not achieved. We must urgently adapt our lives and economies to the natural cycles of the biosphere. The best way to do this is with a high-tech revolution based on biotechnology, called “biologisation of industry”. How this already works today and can save us tomorrow is what this year’s INDUSTRIA BIOTEC in Berlin is all about. On 21 and 22 September, experts from European industry, science and politics will discuss the great opportunities offered by modern biotechnology: Solutions for an endangered planet!

“Industria Biotec is a great opportunity to discuss fine-tuning & developing the financing rails for the bioeconomy.”

Maximilian Bade
Founder & GP
at Nucleus Capital


Creating a sustainable food system became a societal and political imperative and industry is expected to deliver. But is the conventional industry able to do so? Biotechnology is able to catalise the food revolution by combining the increasing knowledge of natural processes and mechanisms with bio-engineering. Start-ups, with their creative energy and the spirit for sustainability of the young generation became a main driver in the food sector. On the other hand, big players in the sector became aware of the wind of change and are increasingly starting own activities and collaborations. In this session both worlds will meet and the panellists, together with the audience, will identify the most promising solutions that biotechnology can deliver. And they will pinpoint some of the main hurdles that are hindering the potential of these solutions to fully unfold.

Waste to Value

From waste to resource, to recyclable materials to circular economy. Even in Asia, which is apparently suffering from a (plastic) waste crisis, the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has launched a “waste-to-resource initiative”. The World Bank estimates that the generation of waste per day in the Asia–Pacific region will more than double, from 1 million tons in 2012 to around 2.5 million tons, by 2025 – per day! The most important thing is to avoid waste. Establishing connected cycles of reuse and recycling is already more advanced in Western countries, but a complete sustainable circular economy is still a vision. How biotechnological processes and products can close the economic cycle and reduce the waste of resources globally will be discussed and presented in this session.

Chemicals & Pharma production

Biotechnological solutions open new avenues for innovative applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As all other sectors, the chemical and biopharma industries aim for fossil-free production based on alternative sources of carbon – such as biomass or carbon dioxide. This panel highlights novel bioprocesses and technologies that help to transform the chemical and pharma industry towards sustainable production, create new value and help to accelerate development cycles. The digital transformation in biomanufacturing, commercialised bio-based chemicals, polymers and drugs from fermentation and advanced biorefinery platforms will be spotlighted in this panel.


Sustainable forms of energy and fuels beyond petroleum are urgently needed given that the energy and transport sectors account for 70 to 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and thus are at the core of the climate crisis. At INDUSTRIA BIOTEC, international experts will discuss face-to-face with decision-makers what contribution the latest biotechnological solutions can offer and contribute to real sustainability.


For most biotechnology companies, product development until market entry hinges upon financing through venture capital, private and public equity. However, business models of industrial biotech companies differ from those of pharmaceutical companies that are prevalent in most investors’ portfolios. Very few venture capital firms have dedicated funds for investments in industrial biotechnology companies, making public initiatives such as the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) the major players in that field. In this session, experts will discuss industry specific challenges and how investments can be better adapted to the needs and business models of industrial biotech companies.

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